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El Horripilante Bestia Humana

El Horripilante Bestia Humana
(U.S. title, Night of the Blooby Apes)

Las Luchadoras vs el Medico Asesino was remade (sort of) in 1968 as El Horripilante Bestia Humana (this must be one of the weirdest films to be remade since the 1953 epic, Catwomen of the Moon was re-shot as Missile to the Moon). The new version features one wrestling woman instead of a pair and its villain is much more sympathetic, but it still has many of the usual elements.

During a match, Lucy (Norma Lazareno) throws her opponent Elena out of the ring. Elena sustains head injuries in the incident and is sent to the hospital. Meanwhile, in a seemingly unrelated incident, Dr. Krauman (Jose Alias Moreno) and his deformed servant Goyo (Carlos Lopez Moctezuma) sneak into the zoo and steal a gorilla. Dr. Krauman is called to the hospital to operate on the injured wrestler, but before departing, he goes in to see his bedridden son Julio. Krauman removes a bone fragment from Elena but the prognosis for her recovery is not good. After the operation, Krauman has a meeting with some of his colleagues where he's told his son's condition is hopeless and the young man has only has a short time to live. Krauman returns home and tells Goyo that it's time to try the emergency operation. They transplant the gorilla's heart into Julio, in the hopes that the stronger animal's organ will be able to defeat his son's leukemia. (The operation is quite gory, it looks like actual operation footage may have been used.) Julio's condition improves immediately. Back at the arena, Lucy has another match but she's afraid of hurting her adversary, so she's beaten. Arturo (Armando Silvestre, returning to the series after a four-year hiatis), her policeman boyfriend says, either stop dwelling on the accident or quit the ring. She says she will quit, but after Monday's free-for-all event. This makes Arturo very happy. At the lab, Dr. K. has been waiting to see the final results of the operation. As Goyo brings his dinner in, Julio begins to transform into a hideous beast. He/it gets up from the bed, pushes the two men aside and escapes into the night. Dr. Krauman and Goyo get their tranquilizer rifle and give chase. Wandering the streets, the monster see's a woman thru her window. He climbs in and surprises her in the shower. He tries to rape her but can't seem to figure out how to do it. The encounter gets more and more violent and eventually the woman is killed. Escaping back to the street, the monster hides as a small boy approaches. He doesn't harm the child however. (The child seemed to sense that he's in no danger, as he has trouble keeping a straight face as he walks past the beast.) Dr. Krauman finally recaptures his son. He says that since the operation affected Julio's brain, he'll have to do another heart transplant (huh?). He wants to use a human heart to counteract the gorilla heart's influence. He decides that Elena would be the perfect donor. Goyo points out that this would be wrong. The doctor agrees, but he has to save his son and Elena is destined to be a vegetable anyway. The loyal Goyo agrees to help his master. They succeed in kidnapping the comatose girl, but Julio again escapes before they can do the second operation. He goes on another rampage, killing several men (including one by gouging out his eye) and tearing the clothes off more women. Dr. Krauman again finds Julio and brings him home. The second operation seems to go well as Julio regains human form. However, this transformation doesn't last very long. He soon awakens as the snarling beast. The creature creeps down the stairs, grabs Goyo's head and slowly rips it from it's deformed body. When Dr. Krauman returns home, he's justifiably upset about the mess on his new carpet. Julio confronts him and as the father backs away, he trips and hits his head. The Julio-monster, gently picks up his dad and lays him on a bed. Then he then goes out for a little more rape and murder. After several more gory killings, and a few more exposed breasts, the monster faints and again becomes human. Dr. Krauman (who has admitted that his son is the monster) and Julio are taken to the hospital. Shortly after arriving, Julio transforms yet again and kills some of the staff. Perhaps frustrated that he can find no women to tear the clothes from, he grabs a little girl and heads for the roof. Arturo and Dr. Krauman follow him and the doctor manages to rescue the child from his monstrous son. The police open fire and Julio is finally put out of his misery. The distraught father begs his son's forgiveness and says, "I acted against the dictates of God." Later in Arturo's car, Lucy ends the proceedings by saying, "It's unfortunate, really sad."

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