Sunday, July 8, 2007

Alda Moreno

Alda Moreno was born Alda Moreno León on March 6, 1974, in Mexico City, Mexico.
She has wrestled under the names Alda Moreno, Tiger Woman and masked as Pequeña Azteca in Japan, back in 1997.
Of course she is a member of the Moreno wrestling family, Alfonso Moreno her father, El Oriental her brother and her sisters Esther Moreno, Cynthia Moreno and Rossy Moreno.
She was trained by the legendary luchadore Dr. Wagner Jr.
Alda made her pro wrestling debut on January 12, 1990 at the Arena Azteca Budokan in Mexico City.
Her favorite wrestling moves are the Casita (La Magistral), the La de a Caballo (Camel Clutch), the Top-Rope Frankensteiner, the Tope con Giro and the Moonsault Press.

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