Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bibi Poubelle

Name Bibi Poubelle
Real name Barbra Duffy
Nicknames The Poubelle Twins, Gemelas Poubelles, Les Maids Mecontentes, "Hey, Tweens!"
Name history Bibi Poubelle
Family Fifi Poubelle (sister)
Trained by: Super Boy, Misterioso
Birth date September 11th, 19?? - Paris, France
Wrestling Debut August 28, 2002 - Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, California
Height 5'3"/160 cm
Weight 110 lb/50 kg
Signature moves: Huracanrana, Cazadora

The Beautiful Poubelle Twins!
The best part of Lucha Va Voom. ( Okay, them and Crybaby)

Visit their website here:

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