Friday, November 21, 2008

Foreign Female Wrestlers in Mexico, part 2

Roxi wrestling Simply Luscious in Mexico

Female Japanese wrestling star Jaguar Yokota has competed in Mexico as has KAORU, Kyoko Inoue, Lioness Asuka, Manami Toyota, Megumi Kudo, Mima Shimoda and Mimi Hagiwara.
Old School female wrestler Jane O'Brien toured Mexico. Of course Joyce Grable, June Byers, Lei Lani Kai, Mae Young and Judy Martin also wrestled in Mexico.
Lizzy Valentine is in Mexico as a valet for Juventued Guerrera and doing some wrestling.
Canadian wrestling star LuFisto has had several wild matches against top luchadoras.
The Magnificent Mimi also took a few tours through Mexico.
Japanese star Mariko Yoshida once held the CMLL Women's Wrestling Championship.
TNA's Nikki Roxx once held the LLF Juvenil Title and the LLF Tag Team Titles with luchadora Diana la Cazadora.

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