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Another Canadian born wrestler that has had great success in Lucha Libre is Lufisto.
Born Genny Goulet on February 15, 1980 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada, this young lady is as tough as they come.
She was trained by Eric Laroche, Patrick Lewis, Pierre Marchessault, Yves Millette, Ludger Proulx, Serge Proulx, Len Kojak Shelley and Joshi legends Mariko Yoshida and AKINO.
She made her pro wrestling debut on June 23, 1997 in her hometown of Sorel.
In Mexico she has held the LLF Extreme Championship in Lucha Libre Feminil.
You can visit her website here:

Here is a video of Lufisto wrestling Princesa Sugey in Mexico:

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