Monday, January 10, 2011

Zeuxis - Luchadoras Mexicanas

This is masked luchadora Zeuxis (Seuxis).
I really don't know a lot about her except she was born on November 3rd, 1988 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she was trained by luchadores Negro Navarro, Alimaña, Huracán Ramírez and Satanico, and she made her lucha libre debut on April 29th, 2008.
She's five foot four and weighs in at 141 pounds.

Also, she has one of the coolest finishing moves this side of The Widow's Peak.
It's called "Caballete" (The Stand) and it looks absolutely awesome.

Zeuxis - Caballete - luchadoras - luchadora

And unlike a lot of other luchadoras, this lady seems to love social networking!

Her hi5 page:

Her Facebook:

And her Twitter:

Zeuxis - Luchadoras

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