Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lucha Women May Be No More

Well lucha libre fans, one blog bites the dust.
I got this e-mail from Blogger this AM....

Hello, Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM. In accordance to these terms, we've removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. For more information, please review the following resources: Blogger Terms of Service: Blogger Content Policy: -The Blogger Team"

The blog has been around since 2007, but suddenly it's SPAM.
Oddly enough, the blog has been covered by Hispanically Speaking News, Lucha World and Mexablog...does that sound like SPAM?
I appealed the decision, so we'll see how that goes.

Until then, this blog will continue.
To tell you the truth, I have questioned why I started two luchadora blogs in the first place, so this may really be a blessing in disguise.


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