Monday, May 14, 2007

Luchadora - Zuleyma

Luchadora - Zuleyma
Luchadora Zuleyma was born on January 13th, 1964 somewhere in Mexico.
Zuleyma is the wife of Kato Kung Lee Jr., the daughter-in-law of Kato Kung Lee Sr. and the older sister of Miss Janeth.
She was trained by El Enfermero, Antonio Camargo and Indio Yoko, and made her lucha libre debut on March 11, 1979 at the Arena Nezahualcoyotl in Mexico State.
During her wrestling career she held the Mexican National Women's Championship (twice), the UWA World Women's Championship, the WWA World Women's Championship and the Mexico State Women's Championship.

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serenity said...

please, please contact me whith zuleyma, she is my friend, my best friend from the secundary school, my email, thank you from my heart, my name is Dora Lucia Tapia Gonz´´alez from mexico,city

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