Friday, February 20, 2009

Masked Luchadoras - Part 6

Looking like she walked right off the set of a 50's Sci-Fi movie is luchadora La Faraona (the Lady Pharoah, not to be confused with Mexican singer Lola Flores) .
She made her pro wrestling debut in January 13th, 1989 so I know she really wasn't in a 50s B-movie.

Princesa Yara's sister, luchadora La Felina (not Gail Kim). Now she has one of those well designed lucha libre masks I really like.

La Felina wrestling Luna Magica

Luchadora Flor de Loto (Lotus Flower) was trained by luchadors El Vasco and Blue Star, and made her pro wrestling debut on February 8th, 1989.

Flor de Loto wrestling Polly Star

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