Thursday, June 11, 2009

When Will Sarah Stock (Sarita) Show Up In TNA?

Sarah Stock, or Dark Angel, or Sarita, got her official TNA debut pushed back a bit.
It seems TNA was all ready to have Sarah come in and take the top face postion left open by the departure of Gail Kim.
But now Victoria (Tara) has come in and took that postition.
Okay, if you read any of my wrestling blogs you know I'm a huge Victoria fan.
But was that fair to Sarah?
Sure Victoria has the heat, she's a former WWE Diva and former WWE Womens Wrestling Champion.
But to just shove Sarah to the side is plain rude.

Of course TNA is not giving up on Sarah.
She was backstage at the iMPACT tapings last week and they did film some spots for her debut.
But now what are TNA's plans for her?
Still a face?
Or will she come in as a heel?

How about Sarah coming in as a heel, managed by Hector Guerrero?

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Timothy said...

She will debut this week on iMPACT!

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