Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sarita on TNA Tomorrow Night?

TNA has posted the promo for Sarita's (who we know as Sarah Stock or Dark Angel) debut on TNA wrestling.
We've waited a long time for this (and Ayako Hamada by the way) so I'm really anxious to see her television debut, and just what they will do with this talented wrestler.
Of course "in 3 weeks" then means tomorrow night on TNA.
Sorry...I was gone for awhile.
I noticed at TNA's website there is still no profile up yet.

Anyway, here's the video if you haven't seen it yet....


Timothy said...

Yes, Sarita debuts on this week's iMPACT against Melissa Flash (aka Raisha Saeed aka Cheerleader Melissa) . . .

cuervo_526 said...

it was fantastic
see her speaking in spanish was cool lol Viva la Raza!

btw: can i contact you id like to have a big pack of sara photos what do you say, please say YEA!!

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

::sigh:: Hearing Viva la Raza makes me miss Eddie.
But it was great seeing Sarita

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