Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Luchadora Marcela

You know Mexican Luchadora Marcela may be one of the best female wrestlers in Lucha Libre.
She doesnt get the press that luchadoras like Sarah Stock (Dark Angel , Sarita) get, but Marcela is very technically sound.
I mean c'mon, she's been wrestling since December 1985.
You don't see that many WWE Divas or even TNA Knockouts with that much in ring experience.
And Marcela has held the Distrito Federal Women's Wrestling Title, the CMLL Women's Wrestling Title and the Mexican National Women's Wrestling Championship.
So even though I have done entries on Marcela before, here's a look at this under-rated (at least up here) luchadora.

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Nickname unavailable said...

Marcela.....is great. I saw her fight Anapola? in Mexico City this summer. Everybody in the crowd loved her "Marcela!!" they were all screaming. It was awesome

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