Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Top Ten Luchadoras for August

Debbie Malenko and Sakie Hasegawa

I haven't done a top ten Luchadora list on here in ages, maybe ever, so I'm going to do one now.
These are the top ten most searched for Lucahdoras on this blog for August.

1. Debbie Malenko
Strange for a lady from Orlando, Florida to top a Lucha Libre list isn't it?
But Debbie is probably one of the most under-rated female wrestlers of all time.
Debbie wrestled a lot in Japan and Mexico.
In Mexico she and her tag team partner Sakie Hasegawa wrestled for CMLL.

2. Estrellita
Luchadora Estrellita remains very popular.
"Little Star" was born Viviana Ochoa Barradas on October 18, 1977, in Zamora, Michoacán, Mexico.
She made her lucha libre debut on February 26, 1993 at the Auditorio Municipal de Amecameca in Mexico.

3. Faby Apache
Faby Apache another young lady with a loyal following.
Faby made her wrestling debut on January 20, 1998 at the Deportivo Azcapotzalco in Mexico City.

4. Mari Apache
Fabi's sister Mari Apache, came in right behind Fabi.
Mari made her pro wrestling debut on October 15, 1995.

5. Hiroka
This CMLL wrestler has wrestled under the names Hiroka Yaginuma and Raven Hiroka, but just goes by Hiroka today.
She made her Lucha Libre debut on September 18, 2002.
Hiroka is married to Pequeño Damián 666 who also works for CMLL.

6. Amapola
The CMLL World Women's Champion made her pro wrestling debut in December, 1997 at the Arena Neza in Netzahualcoyotl, Mexico.
I wonder if TNA has considered bringing her up to feud with Sarita?

7. Lady Sensacion
I dont know a lot about this young lady other than she was trained by luchadors Villano I and Chico Malo I and made her Lucha Libre debut in 1999.

8. Princesa Sugey
If they have a Lucha Libre Hall of Fame, this lady should be headed for it.
She has wrestled for both AAA and CMLL and made her pro wrestling debut on September 22, 1996 at the Arena La Junta in Villa Juarez, Nuevo León, Mexico.

9. Xochitl Hamada
The sister of now TNA Knockout Hamada made her pro wrestling debut way back on September 5, 1986, not in Mexico, but at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

10. Zeuxis
And rounding out the top ten, we have Zeuxis.
Again I know little about her other than she was trained by Negro Navarro, Alimaña and Huracán Ramírez, and made her Lucha Libre debut on April 26, 2008.
That and she has tag teamed with Amapola and Hiroka which I guess makes her CMLL or EMLL

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