Friday, February 12, 2010

Luchadoras - Gizza and Freedom

Possibly the best looking luchadora tag-team in Mexico, Gizza and Freedom wrestle for the Guerreros Universales wrestling promotion in Monterrey.
Like your women petite and athletic?

Then check out 5 foot one Gizza.
Don't think this beautiful young luchadora is a push over though.
Before entering the world of Lucha Libre, she studied karate and gymnastics.
Combine those two with wrestling training, and you have a potent combination.
She was trained by Luchador Ares.

Like them a bit more muscular and defined?

Then check out Freedom.
I really couldn't find out much about Freedom, but from the looks of her, I'm pretty sure she has a bodybuilding background.

For more info check out:

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1 comment:

Rubén Leónidas R. C. said...

Las dos son buenas luchadoras, Gizza a veces está entre el bien y el mal, pero Freedom lucha por la justicia.

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