Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mexican Luchadora Ludark Shaitan

This is female luchador Ludark Shaitan (or LuDarK ShAiTAN as I think she likes to spell it).
Like most masked wrestlers, we don't know what her real name is, but we do know that she was born on June 19th, 1992 and that her cousin is fellow luchadora Lady Shani.
Ludark was trained by some pretty famous luchadors including Dr. Karonte, Platino, El As and Silver King and she made her lucha libre debut in March of 2010.
She has worked for Mexican wrestling promotions Desastre Total Ultraviolento (DTU) and Lucha Libre Femenil (LLF).
So far the only titles she has held is the Campeonato Mixto XMW (I think with Sick Boy).
Ludark is five foot five and weighs 145 pounds.

You can keep up with Ludark at her Facebook page here:
Or her YouTube channel here:

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